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Word's from the Dalai Lama, Work for peace, sales from this stamped item will go to help refugees coming to my town. Follow me on Facebook!

Stamped Handmade Jewelry

Offering custom stamped jewelry, on stainless steel shapes. From stamped steel hearts, steel moons, guitar pics and stamped steel bars I have many unique shapes. Whether you want a custom stamped keychain, or a necklace, contact me to create your customized item. I have over 80 different charms, multiple color Swarovski beads and glass beads to add to your personalized items. Steel does not tarnish, it cannot be bent or damaged easily and it looks identical to silver once shined. Many of my items are stamped on washers that you would get from the hardware store which makes those items very affordable.

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Handmade Earrings

All handmade earrings are made by me, Amanda Mackay. I have been designing and trading handmade jewelry for many years, I consider this my hobby that I share with the world. My beaded handmade jewelry has been shipped worldwide. My most popular earrings are my poppy earrings and my world or globe earrings. Some of my ear hooks in my earrings are handmade as well. There are NO PLASTIC beads in my items, I use only glass, stone, metal or Swarovski crystals.

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Beaded Bracelets

My handmade bracelets are unique and customized. From bridal bracelets, to beaded bangle bracelets, there are multiple designs to choose from. All bracelets are customizable, I also offer a family birthstone bracelet. My most popular bracelet is the poppy bracelet shown. Bangle bracelets come in one size, others can be sized to fit any wrist.

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Handmade Necklace

All handmade necklaces are made to order. I offer bridal necklaces, floating necklaces and stamped necklaces. Necklaces are made to fit any size. You can follow my sizing chart here. Stamped necklaces are listed on my stamped jewelry page. All necklaces shown are designed by me.

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Geocaching Charms

Geocaching is a worldwide treasure hunt. I make geocaching charms to place in caches. I can stamp charms or just apply a tag. Charms are not the same as trackable items, but you can put contact information on them for people to let you know they found them. I also offer stamped coordinates on washers or other metal items.

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