Amanda Mackay's Contact Information

Phone: 902-740-6013 | Email: | Location: Canada, Nova Scotia, Yarmouth

About Me

I started jewelry making thanks to a wonderful friend Murielle Deon. She is a great jewelry maker who sold jewelry locally, she taught me the basics and I moved on from there. I created a website, Etsy account, blog and designed jewelry that fit me. I am a plus size girl with a big neck, regular jewelry never fit me which is the reason I decided to start making jewelry.

My full-time job is a website designer, this is my hobby, I only make enough to support my habit and I am limited on what I can do with a full-time job, please email me your orders as soon as possible as I stop production every year a week before Christmas.

In making jewelry I met my partner Mike and became the mother of two wonderful step kids. My items come from a pet free home only because I am allergic to everything! Love all pets, but very allergic to them. For anyone else with severe allergies, my jewelry does not come near pets or smoke.

Payment Options

I currently accept: Paypal | Credit Cards (through

Shipping Rates

General shipping is not insured or tracked. Shipping to the United States and Canada is a flat $4.00. Order one item, or 50, the shipping is still just $4.00.

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