Create Your Own Custom Stamped Jewelry or Gifts

1. Pick a phrase or create your own.

This is my brainstorming page, I will update it as I find new ideas. You can use a phrase on this page or you can create one of your own with family names. The possibilities are limitless.

Life is a journey best traveled with friends
Friends are the sunshine of life
Friends are the family we choose for ourselves
Not Sisters by Blood but Sisters by heart
Unbiological sister
It takes a long time to grow an old friend
Miles apart still friends at heart

God made us sisters fate made us friends

Washed by the Water filled by Jesus

Eat plants. Do yoga
Just Breathe
Inhale. Exhale
Zen as fuck

Your first breath took mine away

I was his angel now he's mine
Now she flies with angels or birds or Cardinals
Till we laugh again in heaven
Too beautiful for Earth (heart)Sarah

My greatest blessings call me Nana

She believed she could so she did

When words fail music speaks

Refuse to sink
Coordinates of a loved one
My ♥ belongs to a fisherman
My ♥ belongs to a doctor
My ♥ belongs to a lawyer
My ♥ belongs to a peacekeeper
My ♥ belongs to a Captain
My ♥ belongs to a mechanic
My ♥ belongs to a Chef
My ♥ belongs to a gamer

Basketball Mom

Not balding just getting more head
Just a Disney princess with tattoos
Bats*%t Crazy
Best Bit*#%s
Classy as F%*k

2. Pick your shape and item

You can choose from Necklace, Bracelet, Earrings, Bookmark, Fishing Lure, Tie Clips, Christmas Ornaments and more.

Steel Shapes for stamping, keychains, necklaces, earrings, bracelets, bookmarks, tie clips and any item you can think of. Aluminum bracelets will not tarnish, rust or react with your skin, if you can drink from a can of pop, you should be able to wear my bracelet. You have a choice between 1/4 inch width and 5/8 inch width, in small medium or large. Any of the shapes pictured can be made into a necklace, keychain or fishing lure. Earrings, I would recommend using the smallest circles, hearts or bars for earrings.

3. Pick your size


You can have a fine cut dainty silver plated Figaro chain, leather cord or colored string. They can all be almost any length you can imagine as I make each chain and necklace to custom fit you.


Bracelets are in 3 sizes. The most common is regular. The actual length of each bracelet is 5,6 and 7 inches. They are not meant to go around the wrist entirely as if they did you would constantly need to bend and reopen the bracelet. There should be a gap that will allow your wrist to slide in sideways. Size 5 is what I recommend typically for a child from the ages of 5-9. Size 5 is very very small. The bracelets are entirely shapable.

4. Pick your style

Each item can be decorated to your style. Choose your Charms, crystals, keychain style(corded or on the ring), some items can have back stamping(the bracelets) and after you have decided your creation, Email Me! I will confirm the details and send you an invoice!
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