Frequently Asked Questions


1. Do you ship to other countries?
Yes, I will ship to any country, the $4.00 shipping price includes USA and Canada. For quotes from other countries, please contact me.

2. How long do items take to arrive?
All items require some production time, that could range from 12 hours - 2 weeks, if urgency is needed contact me before ordering. After being shipped items in Canada take an estimated 1 week, the USA about 4 days - 2 weeks Europe about 1 - 3 weeks, Australia about 3 - 4 weeks, for other countries, please contact me.

3. Does the shipping have tracking or insurance?
No. You can upgrade the shipping to include tracking and insurance, however, the cost of shipping increases to about 3-4 times the regular cost in Canada and about double for the USA. If your order is over $150.00 I will include tracking and insurance.

4. How are my items packaged?
All items come shipped in a bubble envelope, the actual item is in cellophane packages with my business card. I do have boxes, however, to add the box, you would need to upgrade the shipping.

5. I have not received my item, now what?
Shipping times are not precise, items in Canada could take 3 days, or 6 weeks, every location is different. Contact me if you are concerned and I will check on the typical shipping times at the post office, if your item is needed quickly, please upgrade the shipping. As a last resort, I will reship your item, however, after a lost item, any further shipments may require you to purchase shipping with tracking.

6. Do you refund shipping fees if the shipping amount was more than the actual cost?
Yes, but this is very rare, shipping in Canada is at an actual stamp cost of $1.90 plus tax, however, the $4.00 is also to cover the packaging to ship as well. If you pay for the upgraded shipping and there is a significant difference, I will refund the amount minus $2.00 for packaging.


1. Which forms of payment do you accept?
PayPal, all major credit cards through and cash on pick up at my location if you are local.

2. Can I get a refund?
Yes, if your item is damaged upon arrival, within 30 days, I will remake it and resend it, if this does not work you can get a refund. You must ship the item back before the refund will be issued. If the item is misspelled, and it was supplied misspelled in error, in some cases I will fix at no additional cost, however, some items may require a re-stamping fee of $2.00 - $10.00 for supplying the wrong text. All items made are photographed and then supplied to you before shipping to help avoid this please triple check your spelling.

3. I changed my mind after ordering, can I get a refund?
If I have started production, a partial refund is possible, but it will depend on the item and the reason. Contact me as soon as possible.

4. Do you charge sales tax?
All items have tax included in the price!

Production / Quality

1. Alignment, Some text is not even, why?
All items are hand stamped, each letter is hammered in steel individually, as you can see with my sample pictures of my items, the spacing and alignment can never be perfect, but I try to get it pretty close. Perfection in hand stamping is difficult, I suggest engraving if you need a perfect alignment. Double stamped letters, backward letters or misspelling will be fixed of course, but the minor spacing between letters and vertical placement will vary.

2. My letters are not dark anymore?
Over time, especially if your item has been in water, the black letters will fade, this will take a few years after normal use. To darken the letters again, contact me and bring the item over, if this is not possible, contact me for instructions to do it yourself with common household items!

3. How easily will my item scratch?
My items are mainly steel and aluminum, both will scratch if you are not taking proper care of your item. Keychains will scratch due to keys hitting them, the scratches are typically very fine. Necklaces with charms or crystals, over time, will show tiny bits of wear where the charm and steel shape hits. Some bracelets have very fine scratches, however, they are hard to see with the naked eye and not noticeable.

4. Can I put my item in water?
Bracelets are fine in water, I have worn mine in the shower, however, it could remove some of the darkening, I wore mine to test the water durability. Aluminum does not rust, but I have heard it could get cloudy over time but it can be polished with a magic eraser. Earrings have been tested in water every day for a week and maintained shine and durability. Necklaces cannot be put in water, at all, the chain will tarnish if it is put in water. Keychains, Fishing Lures, Tie Clips are all safe for water usage.

5. I bent my bracelet out of shape, help?
Bracelets very durable, however, sitting on, stepping on, and being washed can possibly bend the bracelet, reshaping is difficult without the tools if you are local schedule a time to stop by and I can reshape, if you are not local, you can mail it to me to fix.

6. My necklace is too long, or too short, can this be fixed?
Yes! If length is added, there will be a cost, to remove length there is no cost, however, you must bring it over, or ship it and pay for return shipping, I provide a necklace length chart to help prevent this. If you have some tools, you may be able to fix it yourself, contact me.

Location / Storefront

1. Where are you located?
I am located in Canada, Nova Scotia, Yarmouth, I am in a smaller town just outside of Yarmouth called Hebron.

2. Can I come to your store?
I do not have a storefront, I am not a store, I make these items every year before Christmas to support my hobby and allow me to make gifts for my friends and family. Please call before coming to my location.

Skin Allergies

1. What metals are your items made out of?
Shapes are stainless steel, the chain is silver plated, earrings are surgical stainless steel, nickel and lead free, great for metal allergies. Bracelets are made of aluminum and this is very good for metal allergies, if you can drink from a can of pop, you should be able to wear the bracelets.